Garage Door Repair

A garage door takes up a large percentage of your home’s frontier and can add or take away you’re your home’s property value. Residential garage doors are a main focal point on your property and can add or take away from aesthetical value as well. For that reason, you need to properly maintain them periodically. Due to repeated use, your garage door springs wear down and fatigue over time especially if you use your garage door more than once daily. If you have a broken garage door spring then you should not wait until the last minute to call a garage door repair service because broken springs are a hazard to you and the people in your home. Don’t wait until the last minute to call a garage door company, call Long Island Garage Doors now and someone will be over to your garage door within the hour. We have the fastest turnaround responses in all of Long Island, NY. Long Island Garage Door has the widest coverage Nassau & Suffolk County which allows us to be easily accessible and fast. You may think a garage door spring repair would be cheaper if you bought the spring and installed it yourself however, any miscalculation can cause even greater damage to your garage door and you can severely injure someone; in some cases injuries can be fatal. Don’t stress yourself out trying to fix it, call Long Island Garage Door we have licensed and insured technicians on standby ready for your phone call.

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Does your garage door roll back on you after you lift it up? This could be a sign that it needs to be balanced. You should be able to lift the garage door smoothly and swiftly, with no resistance, and leave it hanging open 3-4 feet above the ground.

If there is any resistance to lifting, or your garage door does not roll on its tracks smoothly, then it’s a good time to have Long Island Garage Door come by to inspect it. Experts recommend hiring a professional to repair your garage door, as its springs are under extreme pressure, and can cause serious injury if you do not know what you are doing. We can also install safety features, like a safety restraint cable, in case the extension springs weaken and break over time.

How Garage Doors Work

Typically, garage doors are a series of panels that roll along a track. Torsion or extension springs counterbalance the doors weight through pulleys that run from roller brackets. When the door opens, the stored tension from the spring is released.

It is important to maintain the moving parts of your garage door (hinges, rollers, torsion springs) by oiling them on a monthly basis. This will not only make your door easy to open, but will extend its life. Long Island Garage Door provides services like lubrication of all moving parts to help you extend the life of your garage door hardware and avoid resistance to opening it. We can also visually inspect the door for dents or rot, as well as cables, pulleys, and other hardware. Long Island Garage Doors is the #1 trusted company in Long Island, NY and we strive to uphold our reputation by making daily improvements to please our customers. What is the key to our longevity and success? Customers like you. Long Island Garage Doors has a logical goal: to give the customers the garage door services they ask for in a friendly, professional, efficient and fair manner. We treat all of our customers with equality, dignity, respect, loyalty, and give them individual time and care with their garage door inquiries. Long Island Garage Door can show you ways to upkeep your garage door that are quick and easy.

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We can also repair dents and scuffs to your garage doors exterior, or replace damaged panels.

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