Long Island Garage Door Opener Repair

Long Island Garage Door repairs garage door openers all over Nassau and Suffolk County. Here at Long Island Garage Door, we can help repair your garage door, whether it is residential or commercial. Our elite group of licensed and insured technicians has many years of experience installing and repairing garage door openers and garage door opener parts. Long Island Garage Door has serviced a myriad of customers with opener problems. The staff at Long Island Garage Doors is highly trained from the phone reps, to management and to the technicians. We want to make sure that our expertise level surpasses all of our competitors and we also try our best to slash prices down to the minimum.

The mechanisms of a garage door may seem complicated to those who are not familiar with the hardware and procedures for repair and installation. Long Island Garage Doors phone representatives and technicians will be more than happy to assist you and help understand how things work and make it so that you are confident in your purchase and business relations with us. We heavily rely on friends and family referrals. Since 2010 our clientele base that has heard of us from word of mouth or used us before and called us again has helped our revenue increase by 12 percent! How does this affect you? We recognize the benefits we reap and want to continue to make that percentage increase day by day. If our business benefits strongly from your feedback, Long Island Garage Doors wants to provide the best services so that the word will continue to spread. Long Island Garage Door was built on the foundations of honesty, integrity, customer service, loyalty and commitment. One of our much strength is garage door opener repair and garage door opener installation. Long Island Garage Doors works with garage door opener manufacturers like Genie, LiftMaster, Chamberlain and Craftsman.

Do you use your garage daily? If so, the most prudent decision would be to purchase a garage door opener for your convenience. You may see it as a luxury but it can become a necessity in times of need like harsh weather conditions or when you are in a rush. Especially if you are elderly, an opener can add so much convenience and save a couple of minutes each day which can truly add up. Not only do garage door openers provide convenience but they add security to your home especially for those of you who enter through the garage. If a criminal sees a garage door with a strong presence and an opener with the latest rolling code security and locking system they will certainly deter from your property and look for an easy target. Long Island Garage Doors installs and repairs openers made from LiftMaster, Genie, Craftsman and Chamberlain. Added features on the openers can include a light that turns off automatically after a set period of time, remote lockout that turns the radio signal of your remote off (great security forwhen you’re on vacation!), keychain remotes, and a quick-release function in case of an emergency or power loss. Let Long Island Garage Door install an opener for you!

How does it Work?

Long Island Garage Door will install a motor that attaches to the track of your garage door, controlling an arm that will raise and lower the door. You control this motor through a signal you press on a remote control or wall switch. Long Island Garage Door will also install a wall switch that is at least five feet from the ground to prevent young children from playing with it. Many other companies install things with a rush and fail to measure the height of the installment. The height is crucial for safety reasons especially if you have pets and/or children.

There are nearly a dozen opener brands on the market today. Some target certain types of doors, while others are designed according to the type of material your garage door is made up of. Some also use light sensors to prevent children or pets from being locked inside the garage. You can even get a control key pad installed so you never have to worry about the loss or theft of a garage door opener.

Ever considered purchasing a garage door closer? If you are wondering the connection and why it is being mentioned, it is important to know that if you are getting a garage door closer please be sure that your garage door opener has modern technology. Why? Because a lot of older units do not come with safety eyes so you do not want to purchase a closer (which closes the door when you are not home when you forget to) because that could be extremely hazardous. You may think you are saving money by keeping your old garage door opener unit but sometimes spending a little extra is the best investment because the opener installations provided by Long Island Garage Doors are safe, efficient, and worth the money spent. Long Island garage Doors provides the cheapest opener supply and labor prices in all of Long Island, NY!

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Let’s Talk About Drive…

When shopping for a garage door opener one thing you need to know about is the type of opener drive you need. Don’t know what an opener drive is? It’s okay! Here is a general run-down and all you pretty much need to know. If you have a commercial garage door or a garage door that is not attached to the house then the most suitable drive would be the chain drive. The chain drive is the cheapest, most economical drive in the market however, the low price indicates nothing about its reliability because the chain in fact also happens to be the sturdiest most durable drive in the market so do not be fooled by its cost. The chain drive is a noisy drive because a chain runs along its tracks which should not be a problem because the door is not residential. However if you do have a residential garage door meaning that your garage is attached to your home then the most prudent choice would be to install an opener with a belt drive. The belt drive has a chain running along its tracks and provides quiet, smooth and discreet operation. It only cost about $50 more than the chain drive and totally worth the price for those of you who mind the noise!

Long Island Garage Doors provides opener installation and opener repair for commercial garage doors and residential garage doors with a warranty from the manufacture on the parts and a warranty on the labor from us. Call Long Island Garage Doors and inquire about the 2 leading opener manufacturers in the market: LiftMaster and Genie. Both are prominent for creating openers with remarkable technology like:

Rolling Code Security: this means that the code changes every time you push the access buttons which prevents replay attacks and future break-in thefts/robberies. Protect your home and vehicle today with an opener that has state of the art security.

Battery Backup Systems: this allows the openers to function up to forty cycles even in the case of a black out or power shortage! So if the powers out, you still have access to open and close your garage door and access to your vehicle.

Motion Sensor/Automatic Reverse Safety Systems: Electronic photo eyes and light sensors that detect any obstruction in the doorway path which will cause the door to automatically reverse. This is vital if you have pets and children.

Automatic Light Display: lights automatically turn on and off and display the time and temperature for your convenience.

Automatic Stop: can be stopped at any height for ventilation purposes.

Call Long Island Garage Door and inquire about the LiftMaster 8550 one of our top sellers or ListMaster’s Jackshaft Opener one of the latest series which is mounted on the wall for those of you who use your garage as a workspace and space is crucial. Call Long Island Garage Doors and ask about Genie’s 1024 model series!

What if you are not sure if you need to repair your opener or replace your existing one with an entire brand new unit? Here is a DIY test that you can do before you give us a call…

Test your opener monthly to make sure it’s working properly. (See your owner’s manual for model-specific tests that you can do.) It is important that you inspect the reversing systems by laying a 2x4 flat on the ground, and use your remote to close the door. The door should reverse as soon as it hits the piece of wood. You can also do what’s called a Force Setting Test by holding the bottom of the door as it closes, which should force it to reverse. If neither of these tests succeeds, call Long Island Garage Door for an adjustment.

If you call Long Island Garage Door not only will we provide you the best opener installation/repair/replacement services in town, but we will also provide a keypad and two remotes, an opener that best suits your lifestyle with the perfect drive and a choice between ½ horsepower and ¾ horsepower. Not sure if your garage door requires ½ horsepower or ¾ horsepower? You don’t need to, that’s our job! Our licensed, insured and experienced professionals will be more than happy to come by and give you an estimate.

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